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Rules & Regulations


    1. Corporation – “Corporation” means Lake Bonnet Village Cooperative, Inc., the owner of the Village and landlord to both leaseholders and renters.
    2. Shareholder – “Shareholder” (also referred to as “Member”) shall be the person or persons owning a membership certificate issued by the Corporation pursuant to the articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.
    3. Tenant – “Tenant” shall mean an occupant of a mobile home or RV (recreational vehicle) in L.B.V. who is not a shareholder and who does not occupy a cooperative unit of a shareholder but occupies a cooperative unit owned by the Corporation.
    4. Resident – “Resident” shall mean either Shareholder or Tenant
    5. Park – “Park” or “Village” shall mean LAKE BONNET VILLAGE.
    6. Board – “Board” shall mean Board of Directors of the Cooperative.
    7. Unit – “Unit” shall mean a manufactured home or RV (recreational Vehicle) and its appurtenances.
    8. “Common Areas” – All portions in Lake Bonnet Village that are not included in the unit and as further defined in F.S. Section 719.103(8).

Residents and Guests

  1. Lake Bonnet Village is intended and operated for occupancy by persons fifty-five (55) years of age and older, and as such, adheres to the requirements of the Housing for Older Persons Act of 1995.  It is the intention of the Corporation that all units be occupied by at least one person 55 or older.  L.B.V. requires that both occupants be fifty-five (55) years of age or older (except a spouse that could be forty-five (45) years of age or older) with a maximum of 2 persons per unit.  A caregiver may be under the age of fifty-five (55), provided appropriate document supporting the need for said caregiver, is submitted to the Board for approval (on an annual basis if determined by the Board) and Board approval is granted in writing.
  2. At the time of application for initial occupancy, or upon demand of the      Corporation all prospective residents and all existing residents shall be   required to produce for inspection and copying one of the following age   verification documents; drivers license, date of birth; passport;       immigration card, military identification; or other valid local, state, national or international documents containing a birth date of comparable            reliability or a certification in a lease, rental agreement, application,     affidavit or other document signed by any member of a household age 18 or older asserting that the resident or prospective resident meets the age    requirement.

    The Corporation reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to grant     exceptions to the minimum age requirements of the Rule, while still         maintaining compliance with the Housing for Older Persons Act of 1995.     It is also required that a prospective resident provide references.

    On January 1st of each even numbered year, all existing residents shall be required to provide the names and ages of all current occupants of the unit, in writing, to the Corporation.  Failure to provide the written occupant documentation shall constitute a violation of these Rules and Regulations and the homeowner may be subject to eviction pursuant to Section 723.061 or the cooperative documents.
  3. Guests of residents are permitted, but each guest must register at the Village   office upon arrival, and each guest must, at or before the time of registration, provide the office with his or her name, the address he or she is visiting, and arrival and departure dates.    Guests are not permitted to stay more than fourteen (14) consecutive days or thirty (30) total, days per calendar year. All guests 16 years and younger must be accompanied by adults, either a resident or a registered guest at all times.
  4. Outside guests will be permitted only for one or more of the following purposes:
    1. To teach a game, skill, or craft
    2. To present a scheduled program, i.e., at coffee and donuts, Sunday Showcases, Church, Internal Club Activities or Co-Op activities. 
    3. To provide entertainment/music for scheduled park activities.
    4. Visit at resident’s unit
  5. Day Guests are not permitted to swim in the pools or fish in the lake
  6. Guests are not permitted to live in a second unit on a lot while visiting.
  7. Residents shall be responsible for their guests’ conduct while in L.B.V. and shall be responsible for informing their guests of the rules and regulations of L.B.V.
  8. Overnight guests in an RV located on a site in the RV section (except members’ units) will be charged an overnight fee of $4.00 per guest for each night.  Overnight guests of a sublessee of a site and RV located in the RV section will be charged an overnight fee of $4.00 per guest in an RV.  
  9. Lake Bonnet Village Cooperative, Inc. reserves the right to evict any overnight guest from the Village who fails and/or refuses to comply with one or more of these Rules and Regulations.
  10. Owners who sublet their site or unit are not permitted to use any of the facilities at the Village while their unit is being subleased.

Mobile and RV Units

    1. Residents shall maintain the safety and beauty of the grounds.  Residents are responsible for the overall appearance of their unit and lots.  This includes the washing of the unit and appenditures.  Lots are to be kept orderly, neat, clean, and free of litter and shall be weeded as needed.  General care of the lawn, shrubs, and trees is the responsibility of the member or resident.   Residents must obtain the Site-Change Committee’s prior written approval of the type and location of any trees or shrubs to be planted before any planting occurs.   No tree shall be removed from the site without the prior written approval of the Board of Directors.
    2. Any residents desiring to make any changes on their site, alter it in any way, such as addition or improvement (including utility sheds-size, placement, roofovers, siding, painting of driveway, etc.) must have prior approval by the Site-Change Committee.  The Resident must submit a written request to the Board and the Board will then answer such request in writing within ten (10) working days.
    3. All units in place six (6) months or more per year must be tied down and skirted.  Tie downs must comply with all applicable government laws and regulations.
    4. Residents may not repaint or install siding of a color other than the existing color without prior written approval of the Site-Change Committee.
    5. In the event that Village property is damaged by a resident or a guest or invitee of a resident, that resident shall be responsible for cost of labor and materials to repair/replace damaged items.
    6. Collapsible umbrella clothes lines are allowed and shall be located at the rear area of your site, if there is room on your site.  It cannot infringe on your neighbors’ property.  No other type will be permitted.  If you mow your own lawn site, the umbrella may be left up.  Otherwise it will need to be removed for lawn mowing and nothing should be left above the ground.  Hanging of clothes on awnings, carports, screen rooms, etc. is not permitted.
    7. Recreational vehicles are allowed to be parked on a mobile home resident’s lot for loading or unloading for a period not to exceed 48 hours, providing they are not blocking a driveway or the street right of way.
    8. No fences of any kind (wood, wire, shrubbery, etc.) for privacy or boundary dividers are permitted.  Those now in existence are to be grandfathered in as of this date, but cannot be replaced.  Upon sale of home or RV, the grandfather clause becomes null and void and the fence must be removed.
    9. Major repairs, overhauling, or painting of vehicles, is not permitted in L.B.V.  No commercial-type vehicle is permitted to be parked on the site except when an outside service is temporarily rendering a service.  Unlicensed or inoperable vehicles will not be permitted in L.B.V. and will be towed at the owners’ expense to the extent permitted under Florida law and (if applicable) the rental prospectus.
    10. Residents Occupied Units are allowed to store only the following on their lot:
      1. One (1) boat/trailer
      2. Two (2) passenger vehicles, i.e. cars/trucks
      3. Two (2) golf carts

        Residents Unoccupied Units (with carports) If you are not occupying your unit, you are allowed to store under your carport only.
        Unoccupied Units (without carports) are not allowed to store anything on the grassy area.
    11. Parking is not allowed between units if it encroaches on a neighbor’s site except by mutual written consent with the adjacent neighbors.  No parking is permitted on vacant lots or common areas except where specifically indicated.
    12. All automatic sprinklers (grandfathered) must be turned off when you leave for the summer. No new inground sprinklers allowed.
    13. It is the responsibility of the unit owners to have their property maintained when they are absent.  They are to provide the Village Manager with the name of the person who is responsible for the maintenance and appearance of their lot.  Lots that become unsightly due to an overgrowth of weeds and/or shrubs will have the property serviced by L.B.V. and the Resident shall be charged for the service as authorized by the cooperative documents or (if applicable) the rental prospectus.
    14. Residents are strongly encouraged to carry his/her own liability insurance policy and provide a copy of that liability insurance policy to the office.
    15. When you leave your unit for the season make sure to turn off your water at the house shutoff and store ALL loose items, such as lawn furniture, flower pots, ladders, bikes, etc.
    16. No Corporation power tools shall be loaned to residents for any purpose except as provided in #17 below.
    17. Volunteers are permitted to use power tools when working on common ground.
    18. Village Maintenance or employees of the Corporation are prohibited from working on any Resident’s site or any unit or site except on common areas.
    19. Freestanding carports or tents are not permitted without the express written consent of the Site Change Committee.
    20. If a home or RV is removed from the lot, the owner must remove all other structures, including tie downs.  The lot and cement must be left clear and with no damage to the utility hookups when the unit is removed.  If a home or RV is destroyed by a natural disaster, the Resident will have four (4) months to clean up the lot.  The resident will pay to have the damaged home or RV removed as authorized by these rules, the cooperative documents, and (if applicable) the rental prospectus.

Recreational Facilities       

    1. Your clubhouse activities are governed by Lake Bonnet Village Cooperative, Inc.  All Rules and Regulations are to be followed as they are posted in each clubhouse.
    2. The clubhouses, pools, shuffleboard courts, horseshoe courts, library, boat ramp, docks, game room, fish cleaning stations and other recreational facilities are for the use of all residents and their registered overnight guests when accompanied by members and tenants.  Use of these facilities for other than Village functions shall require prior written approval from the Board or designee of the Village.  Residents not included in such private functions shall continue to have access to the premises and shall not be excluded from said premises.  It will be the responsibility of the event chairman to leave the facilities in a clean and orderly condition.
    3. When a unit is subleased, the sublessee receives all the rights to use the common areas otherwise available to the unit owners unless the rights of use are waived in writing by the sublessee    The owner of the unit retains access rights to the unit as the landlord but shall not have the right to use the common areas except as a guest.
    4. Rules regarding the use of the pools and hot tubs are posted at the sites and are attached to these Rules as Exhibit “A” and must be observed by all users of the facilities.  No lifeguard is on duty.  Swim at YOUR OWN RISK.
    5. Children under the age of 16 will not be allowed to use any facilities unless accompanied by an adult, either a Resident or a registered guest.
    6. No food or beverage (except plastic bottle) is permitted in the fenced in pool area.  No glass containers in the pool area.
    7. All persons must use the pool’s shower before entering the pool.  Soap and shampoo are not permitted in the shower area.
    8. Use of tobacco, or smoking, is prohibited in all common buildings.  Smoking is not permitted inside the fenced areas at the pools.
    9. Proper attire and shoes are required in all common buildings.


    1. No swimming is allowed in the lake from the park shoreline. No feeding of the alligators and migratory birds.  It is dangerous and illegal.
    2. Do not throw fish entrails in the lake.  Residents only may clean at the fish cleaning stations. You are responsible for cleaning up the station when you are finished.
    3. Lake Bonnet is within a wildlife sanctuary and discharge of firearms, BB guns, and slingshots is strictly prohibited.
    4. No launching of airboats or jet skis in the lake will be permitted.
    5. Remove all watercraft from docks during extended absences or during hurricane warnings.


    1. House pets are permitted and welcomed but the following rules must be observed:
    2. Only house pets are permitted.  A maximum of two (2) pets are permitted per home or RV.  All pets must be registered at the office.  (If available, a pet photo may be submitted to the Village office to aid in the return of any lost pet.).
    3. Pets must be properly inoculated, licensed, and cared for.  A copy of inoculation report for each pet must be provided to the Village Office.
    4. No pets are permitted to run at large or otherwise be a nuisance or endanger other residents, guests, or other pets.
    5. Pets must be on a leash at all times when outside the unit. No pet may be tied up outside the unit for a prolonged time.
    6. Pets are not to be left alone for any long period of time.
    7. Dogs may not disturb Residents or other pets by barking.
    8. Pets must be walked directly to and from the pet walk. The Pet walk area is located on the north side of the county road west of the mailboxes.
    9. You must pick up after your pet and dispose of waste properly.
    10. The Board reserves the right to prohibit any resident or guest from keeping a pet in the event that said resident or guest fails to observe one or more of the rules.
    11. Park residents must advise their overnight guests who may have pets that the pet rules must be followed.
    12. No park resident is permitted to bring in and/or board pets from outside the park.
    13. No pets are allowed in common buildings.
    14. Residents are responsible for damage to other property caused by their pets.
    15. Pets are to be limited to 30 pounds and shall exclude the following breeds:  German Shepherd, Pit Bull, Doberman, Rottweiler, Chow and Akias or breed excluded by the Corporation’s insurance company.
    16. Guests may bring in pets subject to the rules of the park set forth above.


    1. Laundry facilities are open for members, renters, and their overnight guests only.
    2. Rules for use are posted in the laundry rooms and are attached to these Rules as Exhibit “B” and must be observed by all.


  1. The homeowner is responsible for maintenance and repair of his or her lamp post to the extent permitted by these rules, the cooperative documents, and (where applicable) the rental prospectus.  The Corporation will maintain the lamp posts on the east side of the Village.
  2. The homeowner is responsible for maintaining and repairing the water lines from the point of connection to and within the home and for maintaining and repairing at the ground sewer connection and the sewer lines from the ground connection to and within the home.
  3. The Corporation is responsible for the sewer and water lines up to where they connect to your unit.
  4. You are responsible for the electric from your connection to power at the post to your unit (from your meter to your unit).

Conduct at Meetings

  1. In order for any issue to be discussed at a Board Workshop or Board Meeting it must be on the Agenda posted 48 hours prior to the meeting.
  2. In order for any issue to be voted on at any Board Meeting, it must be so noted on the Agenda.  This includes anything a committee chairperson might bring up.  (Shareholders must be informed on the agenda whenever a vote is to be taken).
  3. Shareholders may address the Board on items on the agenda by standing and giving their name.  This allows the secretary to identify the shareholder for record keeping purposes and it introduces the speaker to the rest of the membership.
  4. All shareholders will be given an opportunity to speak on agenda item being discussed before any shareholder speaks for a second time.  The President or other person chairing the meeting has the right to limit each shareholder to speak for no more than three (3) minutes per agenda item.


    1. The Village speed limit for all vehicles is 10 MPH.  All posted regulations and signs must be observed.
    2. Motorcycles are not allowed to be operated in the Village, except as transportation means in and out of the Village. And only directly between the entrance and the lot/site.
    3. No gasoline powered   golf-carts, go-carts, scooters, ATV’s, etc. are permitted in the Village.
    4. Golf carts may only be driven by residents old enough to obtain a drivers license.  Between dusk and dawn all carts must have their front and rear lights on.
    5. Bicycles ridden at night are required to have front light and rear reflectors.
    6. All pedestrians must be illuminated for night visibility with a flashlight or a red flashing light (one per group) between dusk and dawn.
    7. Roller Blading is not permitted in the Village.
    8. For safety purposes the outside lamp posts are to be lit every night.
    9. No alcoholic beverages shall be used in excess by any resident or guest in any common area.
    10. Only emergency messages will be delivered by the Village office.  However, the Corporation does not assume any responsibility or liability for failure to deliver or report such messages.
    11. The Corporation shall not be responsible for custodial care of Residents who become disabled by reason of mental or physical illness.
    12. The Corporation shall not be liable for accident or injury to any person or property, arising from the use of recreational facilities by a Resident or the Resident’s guests.  The Resident and his or her guests use these facilities at their own risk and assume liability for such physical damage or personal injury caused by such use.


    1. All garbage must be securely wrapped in plastic bags and placed in front of your site on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday by 8:30 a.m. November through May.  June through October, pickup will be on Tuesday and Fridays.  Do not put trash out the night before.
    2. There are disposal facilities for tires, batteries, paints, propane tanks, oils and other hazardous wastes in the county.  These are not to be dropped off at our refuse site.
    3. All contractors shall remove from LBV all waste and debris generated by them.  Failure to remove waste and/or debris shall constitute a violation of the Rules and Regulations and the homeowner may be subject to eviction pursuant to Sec. 723.061, Fla. Statues, or the cooperative documents.
    4. Yard waste must be put inside the yard waste container.  Cut yard waste into maximum three (3) foot lengths.


      1. Soliciting in L.B.V. by commercial companies, non profit organizations, churches, newspapers, charitable groups, or individuals is not allowed unless expressly permitted under Florida Law.


      1. The Shareholder and Tenant shall have the privilege of subletting his/her home only under the following conditions:
        1. Subletting – The Shareholder, Tenant or Sublessee shall not sublet the whole or any part of the unit or renew or extend any previously authorized sublease unless prior written consent has been obtained by the Board of Directors.
        2. There shall be no limitation on the right of the Directors to grant or withhold consent, for any reason, to a subletting.  No consent to a subletting shall operate to release the Shareholder and/7or Tenant from any obligation.
        3. Shareholders and Tenants must notify the Village management in writing of their intention to rent and the renter(s) must register at the office and must obtain the written approval of the Corporation prior to entering into any and all subleases.
        4. Shareholders and Tenants assume full responsibility for all damage caused by renters to any property and/or facilities.
        5. Renters of residents’ homes must adhere to all rules and regulations.
        6. No home may be sublet for a period of more than one (1) year or to more than two (2) people per unit.  Shareholders and Tenants are responsible for any state and local tax.
        7. No renter renting from a Shareholder or Tenant may sublet.
        8. Shareholders and Tenants in violation of these Rules and Regulations are subject to all legal remedies at the disposal of the Corporation and the Sublessee of each home or RV unit is subject to eviction under terms of Chapter 723, F.S. and/or  719 F.S.
        9. If approval to sublet is not obtained in writing in advance, the Board reserves the right to refuse occupancy of the unit or site by the proposed Sublessee.
      2. There will be a fee payable to Lake Bonnet Village Cooperative, Inc. for any subleasing agreement in order for the Corporation to provide the screening of any prospective sublessee to determine whether or not such sublessee is qualified to become an occupant of the community.  Subletting is when someone is occupying a Shareholder’s or Tenant’s unit in the absence of the Shareholder or Tenant.  You need to pay the fee(s) for screening the prospective sublessee(s) even if you do not charge the prospective sublessee(s) of your unit.
      3. All rents, maintenance fees and costs for faxes, copies, and all other fees and costs owed to the Corporation by the Shareholder or Tenant must be paid prior to a person being approved to sublet.

Selling or Buying a Unit

      1. All “For Sale” signs must be placed in an inside window.
      2. Residents may own a maximum of two (2) shares.
      3. A member shall have the right to sell his unit and assign his proprietary lease and share to a qualified purchaser.  This purchaser shall then become a member subject to approval of the Board.
      4. A renter shall also have the right to sell his home to a qualified purchaser, subject to the applicable provisions of this Article XIV.
      5. Before a home or site is put up “For Sale” and to remain in the Village it must have prior approval of the Board.  All homes must have Board approval to remain in the Village prior to sale.
      6. It is understood by the purchaser that a background check shall determine, in the sole opinion and discretion of the Board, that the buyer is a person of good character and generally desirable and suitable for residency in the Village.
      7. All share certificates must be issued by the Corporation’s Registered Agent.


  1. Quiet time in the park is from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am.   When contracting with companies, you are required to tell them of these rules.
  2. Mail is picked up at the mailbox and delivered to the designated mailboxes.  The resident is responsible to notify the post office of any address changes.
  3. All federal, state, county, city, and South Florida Water Management rules are always to be followed.
  4. Cell phones are to be shut off at all Corporation meetings.
  5. Legitimate complaints concerning infractions of Rules and Regulations shall be reported to the Board of Directors, in writing and signed by the complainant.
  6. No notices/posters may be placed on the mailboxes.
  7. All passenger vehicles must have a LBV identification tag.
  8. Individual yard sales are not permitted.


  1. You must park all boats, trailers, cars, etc. on your lot ONLY.  Should you not have sufficient space, register at the Village office to be assigned into a designated area.  If you sell or trade, please notify the Village office. All cars, trailers, motor homes and golf carts will have the owner’s name or their lot/site address on them in a conspicuous place.  The Board reserves the right to inspect the designated area and the owner’s site to determine if the designated site is needed.  Should you use a neighbor’s site, an 8 ½ X 11 signed permission memo will be required to be on file in the office.
    1. Non resident storage is not permitted in Lake Bonnet Village.
    2. Campers, travel trailers, and motorhomes which are stored in L.B.V. storage must be good roadworthy condition and must be moved out of L.B.V. at least once every year for a period of at least 24 hours.

Notification of Violation

  1. The Corporation reserves the right to terminate the tenancy of any Resident for disregard of the Village Rules and Regulations and in accordance with Chapter 719 (for Shareholders)  and Chapter 723 (for Tenants) and either Chapter 513 or 83 (for Tenants in RV section).
  2. Any resident violating these Rules and Regulations will be notified in the following manner:
    1. 1st notification may be verbal or written.
    2. 2nd notification will be in writing
    3. 3rd notification Corporation attorney will be notified
  3. This is normal procedure and the Corporation reserves the right to take other action, depending upon the violation.

It is the hope and the aim of the Corporation to have good communications with all residents.  Please feel free to discuss anything with the Board.




Pool and Spa Rules posted at Sandy Beach Pool


Pool and Spa Rules

  1. No lifeguard on duty, swim at your own risk.
  2. No glass in pool or spa areas.
  3. Children under age of 16 must be supervised by an adult.
  4. Positively no suntan oil or lotion allowed in pool or spa.
  5. No horseplay or running.
  6. No animals in pool or spa area.
  7. No food in pool or spa area.
  8. No cutoffs or shorts in pool.
  9. Stay off rope.
  10. Shower before entering pool or spa.
  11. All guests must be registered to swim.
  12. Pool capacity is 26 people.
  13. No rafts allowed.
  14. Spa capacity is 6 people.
  15. Maximum water temperature of spa is 104 degrees.
  16. Do not put head under water in spa.
  17. No children in diapers in pool.
  18. Do not stay in spa over 15 minutes.
  19. No children under 14 allowed in spa.

For Emergency, see management or call 911.  Phone located at the Community Hall.




  1. No children under 14.
  2. Warning – DO not put head underwater in spa.
  3. Spa capacity is  6 people
  4. Maximum temperature is 104 degrees.
  5. Maximum 5 minutes turbo action
  6. Do not stay in spa over 15 minutes.
  7. Pool rules apply to spa.






Prior to putting your clothes in the machines, check for foreign materials (objects as ink pens, lipstick, etc.)

  • Do not overload the machines
  • Check the Water temperature
  • No dyeing of clothes permitted
  • Do not wash rugs
  • Leave machines Clean
  • Today’s garments are made of synthetic material and are easily damaged by improper laundering
  • Clothes washed in water that is too hot or over dried in dryers may shrink, melt, or change in color
  • Any loss or damage to clothing is not the responsibility of Management or Coinmach